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man is only man at the surface. remove the skin, dissect, & immediately you come to machinery


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I have been seeing a lot of humanized sandies lately guys, that basically all of them are teens sort of looking-like sandman, I mean, I don’t have anything against that, everybody should draw what make them happy but I think a lot of people that maybe would like to draw a Sandy with a different body type just chose to go with the normal cute/sexy/handsome tall and thin teenager Sandy, because thinks that drawing a chubby/fat young adult would be weird or not look very good, but guys, don’t just ignore things like it, try it a bit, maybe you will like a lot

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tumblr user hematologie x tumblr user geromy the wedding is in november


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goodnight to all my angesl im fallin alsep at my keyboard!! i love u gusy


gosh i love nightrunner

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Nightrunner (Bilal Asselah) by Trevor McCarthy

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see you guys on July 6th!

you better miss me sorely even though the queue’s set to post 20 times a day

feel free to you know

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my life is in a sad state when i’m wishing i could write as well as i did when i was fifteen