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Here’s a really cool (FREE) Tree Identification app I found for androids:

Virginia Tech Tree ID (for North America)



What’s better than a real comic book movie? A fake comic book movie of course! The following is a list to links of the best (or at least some of my favorite) comic book fan films of all time. These should hold you over until the next Hollywood superhero blockbuster comes out.


Batman: City of Scars: When the Joker escapes from Arkham and murders the parents of a young boy, Batman recalls the pain of losing his own parents as a child. Finally, Batman is forced to look at the psychological profile of his own mind and accept the consequences of his life to find resolve.

Batman: Dead End: Batman corners an escaped Joker, only to have the villain suddenly dragged off by an Alien.

Batman: New Times: It is New Year’s Eve, and Bruce Wayne is hosting a party at Wayne Manor. Just when he meets “Ms. Kitka” (Catwoman in disguise, as seen in the 1966 film Batman: The Movie), he gets a call from Commissioner Gordon, explaining that the Joker is planning a New Year’s Eve crime spree.

Batman: The Last Laugh: BATMAN The Last Laugh is a high intensity, action packed fan film that was created in the partnership of ENSO Productions and Gotham City FX. See how The Joker and Batman go head to head in this fan film like no other.

Batman: Ashes to Ashes: Utilising mainly green screen and some 3-D effects, the concept was to create a 30’s style Gotham with Sin City as inspiration; the script was originally for a crime story and almost composed of a 100 pages but was reduced to 20 pages. Wishing to maintain the horror elements of there original script plus with inspiration from graphic novel Arkham Asylum was the main source of there shadowy version of Batman.

I’m Powergirl Dammit: This amusing little fan film is her second go-round as the heroine, and it pits her against an angry Bizarro who is spoiling for a fight. Unfortunately, Power Girl has other things in mind.

Lobo ParaMilitary Christmas Special: The Easter Bunny is tired of being second-best to Christmas, so he hires Lobo aka The Main Man to take out Santa Claus in order for him to rule over the Holidays. But nothing goes as planned when The Main Man is involved.


Iron Fist: The Dragon Unleashed: Set in grimy downtown New York City, it opens up with Iron Fist battling a horde of Hand ninjas and goes on to showcase some awesome amusing martial arts action and judicious applications of the trademark indestructable fist.                                        

Lego Captain America:  what more can I say?                           


Powers: Who Killed Retro Girl?: This fan film, on minuscule budget, captures the addictive mix of police procedural and superhero action that made the series so successful. Bendis even liked it enough to put on his website!

The Greatest Fan Film of All Time: Clocking in at 50 minutes this feature length animated (think Home Movies style) is about ev­ery Mar­vel, DC, and third, fourth, and fifth par­ty su­per­hero worth his or her salt gath­ered for Stan Lee’s sur­prise birth­day par­ty when an un­holy al­liance of fa­mous vil­lains hatch an evil plan to turn the heroes on each oth­er in a bat­tle to the death.                    

Rocketeer 20th Anniversary: a brief CG fan film about the Rocketeer taking on a couple of mafia strongmen.                                                                                                                          

The Lego Batman, Spider-Man, & Superman Movie: Due to their lack of residency and employment, The Man of Steel and Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man move in with Gotham’s Dark Knight. But will they overstay their welcome? Yes they will.

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Two of my favorite heroes, doing what they do best: not having any of your shit.

Two of my favorite heroes, doing what they do best: not having any of your shit.