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i think part of the reason i like jaime so much is also part of the reason i like superman

as in…a lot of people cite “boring do-gooder” as a reason not to like superman, that he’s both too powerful and too happy to be interesting, which has always creeped me out because what you’re telling me is you think a person has to be irrevocably fucked up and broken in order to tell compelling stories about them (batman)

it’s just a little harder to tell interesting stories about people like that than about people with weird psychoses or whatever, i know that

and i mean jaime is like, he’s dc trying to be quirky spider-man, and his whole family is alive and he still lives with them and has to ask him mom for permission to fight monsters, on paper that sounds fucking ridiculous 

but here’s like

here’s the thing ok

you don’t need to be fucked up and traumatized to be an interesting character, character development does not have to consist of sitting on a dark staircase having flashbacks to your horrible childhood, drama does not only live in things like that, and i think that jaime — like superman — when written well, is a good example of that! that, like any human being, he has ways of going about the world and doubts and problems and you can tell stories about him just as much

i can safely say that of all the interesting people i’ve met in my life fairly few of them have been through the kind of massive awful trauma we like to put our superheroes through

it’s a different kind of story, is i guess what i’m trying to say here

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    Legitimately though. I don’t mean to beat a dead horse on this one, since this lovely tumblr user has said it very well...
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