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man is only man at the surface. remove the skin, dissect, & immediately you come to machinery


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do you think nut companies whose nuts are given out on planes are highly respected in the nut community or are they like the losers

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i emptied out and moved and set up 3 thirty-gallon tanks by myself today which involved maybe hauling like 15 or 20 buckets of water and dumping them in the tanks and my arms will never be the same

i want dinner……but i don’t……want to cook it………


If you haven’t seen the second video you’re really missing out: 

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i was showing mark my data/calcs today and i was like ok so what should i do now should i go dissect more stuff or…..?

and he was like nahh you can just start writing this paper and finalizing these figures it’s in good shape 

so i’m like…….quietly freaking out


hating the majority is seen as bullying, but hating the minority is seen as an opinion

don’t think that’s a coincidence

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dorfette replied to your post: there’s……..there’s going to be a secon…

Yeah! They got the ok for a second season after only a couple of episodes aired, the only problem now is waiting for it

YESSSSS wait no i’m terrible at waiting

bygoshbygolly replied to your post: there’s……..there’s going to be a secon…

There is! And Antonia Thomas is in it!


there’s……..there’s going to be a second season right